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Ceiling Treatments

Our extensive collection of ceiling medallions from Spectis Moulders pairs design flexibility with easy to handle material and can be adapted for chandeliers or ceiling fans. Each Spectis medallion can also be effortlessly adapted for light fixtures and there are also several models that are available with center hole cutouts for your convenience. 

Spectis Moulding ceiling medallions hold true to the historic design styles they are based on and with over 30 various medallions in the collection to choose from, you won’t waste time finding a medallion that matches any contemporary, modern or historical layout you’re working with. These ceiling medallions also come factory primed and ready for paint, finish, or glazing.

If you’re looking for the highest quality ceiling medallions offered today, Spectis Medallions are the way to go. Each medallion features classic European design and is manufactured with high quality molds. Not only are these medallions and panels covered with rich details, they are also extremely lightweight and available for flush mounting to save on time and labor costs.