BL2771RS Eave Block or Bracket

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BL 2771RS
BL 2771RS
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  • BL2771RS Eave Block or Bracket 8.75"W x 12"H x 21" P
  • BL2771RS Corbel Block or Eave Bracket 8.75"W x 12"H x 21" P
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BL 2771RS

BL2771RS Eave Block or Bracket 8.75"W x 12"H x 21" P



What is Spectis Made of?

Spectis Molding Products are made from High Density Polyurethane or (HDP).  HDP is very hard foam that feels like wood, but significantly better, and can be easily installed similar to white pine.

How is (HDP) Polyurethane made?

Polyurethane is created by mixing isocyanate and resin. The mixture is poured or injected in a liquid state into the custom mold.  Once in the mold, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the urethane to expand and quickly harden. The mixture is kept under pressure in the mold as it expands to any desired shape. When fully formed, the product is removed from the mold, the excess removed, and given an exterior grade primer coating.

  • Polyurethane is an advanced building material that has amazing benefits vs. wood.
  • Spectis Products come fully primed and ready for your paint.
  • Spectis is lighter than wood, but has about the same density as pine.
  • Spectis can be used on the interior or exterior of the home.
  • Spectis won't split, rot, crack, and is impervious to insects like termites.
  • Spectis installs just like wood, can be nailed, glued, or screwed.

Where can I use Spectis Products?

Spectis Decorative Urethane Moldings can be used indoors or outdoors to enhance any space. The product is virtually maintenance free and should last a lifetime if properly installed and painted.

How do I Install Spectis Blocks and Brackets?

Spectis’ polyurethane blocks and bracket installation method can be easily applied by most skilled craftsmen. A quick, clean and very secure installation is achieved using PL Premium adhesive and low root style wood deck screws.

Read more about Eave Block & Bracket installation.


How Do I install Spectis Moulding Blocks and Bracket Products


Don't forget to use PL Premium Adhesive on all Bedding/Butt Joints.  Our PL Premium adhesive is a urethane base adhesive, and using any other product can void your warranty and can eat the product.

What other products are does Spectis Offer?

Spectis Moulders offers a large variety of products, in fact we have over 4000 molds on-hand and we are ready to make them just for you.  All of our products are made on demand, so you are getting first-rate quality from the start.

View our other Spectis products below:

Why Buy from Us?

We are the premier USA and Canadian distributor of choice for all Spectis Architectural primed High-Density trim molds. We are not Spectis, we are a distributor for Spectis products.

Is there any sanding required before I can paint Spectis products?

Yes and No. Spectis products are factory-primed and ready for finishing, but if you have used Pl-premium Glue on any of the joints or nail holes, it would be best to sand them down.

HINT: Fill the nail holes with a dab of PLP Glue, sand down to match.

Do I have to prime Spectis products before painting them?

No. Spectis products come double-primed for interior or exterior applications. For best results we recommend painting Spectis with a high quality latex paint.  All Spectis Products can be painted any color you desire, and can also be faux finished, gel stained, or marbleized for a more decorative look.

Do you have a Catalog?

Yes. Just Click on the catalog image below for more detailed information about our lineup of Spectis Moulding Products.

How Do I install Spectis Moulding Products  

If you find a particular molding you like, simply write down the Molding SKU and then input the number in our SEARCH THE STORE Box at the top of the Website.
Add your products to the Cart and Check out. It's that simple. 
Shipping Information

You can view an estimate of shipping costs in your shopping cart.  Actual shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice before you confirm your order.

The majority of our products are shipped by UPS. Large and extra-long moldings require your items to be shipped by freight truck.   Shipments are based on the requirement they be made to a verified business address

A home/residence delivery can be made, but there will a mandatory fee of $150.00 Added to the order. 

Keep in mind that a 52' long semi-truck will be utilized and it gets a little tricky pulling a large truck into a residential area, the Residential fee allows the Carrier to use a smaller truck with a lift, and they charge more for that service.

If you have a large order, please EMAIL US in advance  so we can work with you to determine options for optimal delivery charges.

What is your Return Policy?

All of our products are made to order, and we do not stock Spectis products anywhere in the country, so please make sure you are getting the exact product you need when purchasing. 

We are not able to take products back.  SORRY. 

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Warranty Information

Yes, 5 Years from Date of Purchase
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Additional Information

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